defiance in cyberspace

What was not said. What was not heard. The loud applause and chest thumping. Yes, there was an open defiance of the authority during the election. Podcast and video streaming were banned. But they continued to cast and stream, with not regard to the ban. Bloggers were told to register. But none did. Though MICA's late statement that only those who were told to register only need to register, I doubt any blogger did. This is quite a challenge in cyberspace against the authority. Taken in the wrong light and under different circumstances, woe will befall those who dare to disobey, to ignore the law. Now the govt's position has soften. It is a triumph of a sort. The cyber citizens have defended their ground well. They have protected their right to freedom of expression in cyberspace. A freedom that rightly belong to every human in every corner of the world. Well done bloggers, forumers and podcasters and videostreamers.

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