animals can be greedy too

Just a little distraction on a weekend and a visit to the zoo. I was very impressed with the tigers and how friendly they appeared. They walked in an elegant poise, well groomed, and looked so dignified. And the animal keeper was there in the same cage, cuddling them while keeping a close watch. I asked him whether the tigers will bite. He said no. They are very well fed. Tigers that are full, like all animals, will be happy animals. I ponder a while. But I have read in the news that animal keepers were sometimes attacked by the animals. He thought for a while and volunteered an answer. It is true, that sometimes their animal instinct took the better of them. And sometimes the keeper may think they have fed the tigers well. But some tigers are greedy or need to eat more. So sometimes these things do happen. Animals will always be animals. You do not know when they have enough or misbehave.


Mickell said...

Precisely. Animals will always be animals. Even pet dogs have been known to go berserk and turn on their owners too. Dogs do maul people.

redbean said...

hi mickell,

nice boy you got there. don't try with keeping the big dogs. won't know when they will turn nasty.