The twists and turns of the crooked bridge.

Mahathir More shocks 'Twas Malaysian side which offered to sell 1billion sq.m of sand that could make Singapore 50% larger with 10m population. Blogger kTemoc The above post can be found in Littlespeck.com What is interesting in the post is that Mahathir said that it was the Malaysian side who offered the airspace and sand to Singapore. This is totally different from the press story that Singapore demanded that Malaysia offered airspace and sand to Singapore as part of the condition for building the bridge. Why is Singapore been blamed for something that it did not initiated? And why Singapore did not stand up to defend itself and clear its name? It is strange that Singapore preferred to take the blame and keep quiet about the whole affair. Looks like Singapore was caught in the Malaysian's domestic politics and for goodwill, just let the water flow under the bridge. And hopefully, after spanking us for something we did not do, and gaining a lot of face for it, the Malaysians will quietly say a word of thanks behind closed doors. Isn't politics interesting? The details of the sordid saga is in the blog of kTemoc and can be read in Littlespeck.com. So don't read what is in the press. And don't listen to the politicians. You just don't know what is truth, half truth and lies.


Heng-Cheong Leong said...

And you believe Dr Mahathir's words because... ?

redbean said...

hi hengcheong,

all press reportings and politicians' words should be taken with a pinch of salt and taken at face value. we just don't know what is behind the scene and who the words are meant for.

in this case, mahathir is saying something on record and he could be sued for making up such a big white lie if it is untrue.

even if the malaysian govt is kind to him, they can still come up with an official statement to correct the wrong. and they need to or the people will think that the govt was lying.

whatever, one party is lying.

mahathir is at risk or leaking out state secret.