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the story of ike see

When I read the story of Ike See, my immediate response is that another prodigy going to waste. Another case of rigid application of rules that puts up more obstacles to the few rare talents we have. It is tough being a Singaporean. But to be fair to Mindef, it is a tough decision to make. It is an exception that if seen positively, people will say Mindef is flexible. On the other hand, for those who cannot appreciate such musical talent, they will criticise the decision and say so what? In situation like this, someone has to make the decision. And either way, there will be those who agree and those who disagree. The bottom line, it points out one very important thing about being Singaporean. You have a big obligation and responsibility to the nation. And this is also a personal burden that all male Singaporeans have to bear. So please treat the male Singaporeans, or all Singaporeans who have to perform national service better. Please do not take this personal sacrifice for granted and opt for more foreign talents.


Anonymous said...

Jobs for foreigners, NS for Singaporeans. That's the way it is in Singapore so better accept it. Don't like it, migrate.

redbean said...

sometimes i wonder what is there for the ns heartlanders to protect?

Anonymous said...

I just hope out of goodwill, MINDEF can appeal to Curtis to allow Ike to go back to the course after serving his National Service. And hope Ike's fingers will be safe throughout the 2 years of "now relaxed" NS...

Well, some things cannot be changed. Singapura. Majulah Singapura.

Anonymous said...

redbean, try not to ask those sort of questions because the answers when you find them are going to be demoralising :-)

Anonymous said...

Mindef has no bloody clout outside this pathetic red dot.

redbean said...

you can't blame me for being cynical right? this kind of questions need to be asked even if you know that the answers will not be what we want to hear.

but it is another way of showing annoyance.

The Oriental Express said...

Old Aunty won't mind to take the place of Ik See for the two years in NS. I may be old; I may be overweight; but I can donate blood (already donated 70 times) and drive a truck! In fact my university buddies from Canada asked why the government never thought of enlisting ladies for NS!

NS will not destory the brain cells of scholars which they can still keep intact afer two years. But NS will most likely destroy the acute hearing and finger dexterity of a musican. This is the difference.

Gan Chau

redbean said...

hi aunty,

girls have a lot of vocations which they can do if they do not want to dig trenches or sleep in the bushes. the medical team will be blessed with more gentle handling of the sick. and food from the kitchen will taste that much sweeter.

but many girls and aunties would not mine climbing hills and waddling in the rivers too. : )

i think rare talents or exceptional talents should be nurtured and given a little more attention. not everyone can be a world class musician. he can serve in the music and drama company and hone his skills on his return from his music studies. and we can have a military symphony too.

if we can have soldiers playing football, why not musicians? this case actually deserves to be treated separately. unfortunately it came just after melvin tan and all the rules were changed.