spreading rumours and inciting anger and insecurity

Chua Chin Hon's article in the ST starts like this: The WP has offered no concrete plans ofr Singapore's future, and has instead been spreading rumours about the rising cost of living, Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong said yesterday. He also criticised the opposition for dwelling on lift upgrading and means testing for hospital stays, with the aim to 'incite' feelings of insecurity and anger among Singaporeans so they would vote for their candidates.' Did Hsien Loong really said these? If people complain or talk about rising cost of living are guilty of spreading rumours, I think all of us are equally guilty. If people question or raise issues about upgrading and means testing, they are inciting feelings of insecurity and anger, I think we all better stop talking about them. Don't want to be accused of spreading rumours and inciting the people. This is dangerous stuff.


SGML said...

It's really a "numbers in Parliament" game. All this election campaigning is just "wayang". It decides virtually nothing.

This GE2006 does not decide on the government/cabinet/PM/civil service. It is only to decide how many opposition MPs there'll be sitting in Parliament for the next term. Do voters (and there are actually so few voters in GE2006 compared to the totall numbers living in Singapore) want any or do we want none?

The sad thing for Singaporeans is that only Aljunied GRC residents will be deciding for us since opposition in other GRCs will never win. They will decide the character of the next Parliament: silence or not so silent.

As for our future and all that. It's stitched up thanks to constitution and electoral system.

Anonymous said...

Don't despair that the opposition in other GRCs may not win. I believe every vote counts. Even if the opposition doesn't win in a GRC, they can still be given a ringing endorsement by the percentage of votes they win, so every single voter must still cast his vote properly because every vote still counts.