so much love around

Peter Lim wrote this line 'Did you feel the love all around' in his article in the New Paper today. Yes he was talking about the love the politicians were showing to the voters during the campaigning. Never have the people feel so much love for them, to be courted by, wow, of all people, their political masters. And the love was real, tangible love. Not love of the fresh air type. A cool package worth hundreds of millions of hard cash, especially for the people of Hougang and Potong Pasir and Aljunied of course. In Aljunied, during the last hours prior to election, a whole detailed plan of what the PAP will do for the voters was delivered to each household. And so were many other constituencies and GRCs. It was really like Santa Claus was in town, and full of solid love, in hard cash. Housewives accosted with little pats on their darling babies or children, or the children in the arms of politicians. Suddenly life becomes so meaningful, so much warmth. Everyone is so concerned if you have eaten, your health, whether you are still jobless. If only everyday is like that, where the people, the citizens, are so much in demand. Oh yes, not a single one of them dare to be seen shaking the hands of a foreign worker. Yeah, its true, now that I recollect. Definitely not on TV. Then the two poor and penniless MPs of Hougang and Potong Pasir were left wondering what to do, what to offer or what can they offer? They can't even afford to give free salted eggs with plain porridge. So the only thing left for them to give was, yes, love of the fresh air type, with no money attached. And of course their sincerity, which most opposition candidates were attacked for not having. 9 day politicians wannabes, appearing during election and disappearing after that. Where got sincerity? I like Peter Lim's thought that love was all around us. So comforting.

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