pap candidates are sincere in wanting to serve

With the hustings heating up, both sides are trying to tell the voters how good and deserving they are. Everyone is there telling the voters that they are there to serve them, the voters are the boss. Some of the PAP candidates are taking the line that the opposition candidates are like terrorists, appear once in 5 years and disappear after that. That oppposition candidates lack sincerity to want to serve the people, are opportunists. The PAP candidates also present themselves as sincere politicians who have been there in the last 5 years serving the people. That it is in their blood to want to serve the people. Presumably even those who have retired from politics would still be there to serve the people after their terms end and would not disappear like opposition candidates. And PAP candidates will also come out voluntarily to stand for election even if they have not been invited for tea. They are always there with the people's welfare at heart. Tea or no tea, they will come forward unlike opposition candidates who invited themselves into the fray and scurrily run away if not elected. So we have sincere PAP candidates versus not so sincere opposition candidates. Candidates who came out to serve after being invited for tea and candidates voluntarily stepping forward wanting to serve without being invited for tea. Another issue that's quite puzzling to me is that Sitoh was very confident that if elected he will upgrade the lifts in Potong Pasir. According to him the estate is too old and he will apply to HDB for lift upgrading fund. Chiam must be sleeping and did not know that his estate is very old and that he could apply to the HDB for lift upgrading fund. And worst, according to Chok Tong, Chiam has no fund to do upgrading for his estate. I would believe that HDB will allocate upgrading fund to whoever is the MP of the estate and running the town council. I may be wrong.


Anonymous said...

Politics is purely about attaining power, period. Any politician who denies that is either a very naive (in that he/she doesn't understand politics) or an exceptional one (in that he/she is lying through his/her teeth). Serving the people is only secondary.

redbean said...

that is very true. in a way politics is like a free market capitalism where everything is profit oriented or self serving. and the fittest survives.

but politics and a laissez faire market, if allow to run wild, unrestrained, then it will lead to extreme social inequalities and ultimately destroying itself. it is a natural law.

man is allowed to temper with the raw forces of capitalism and politics, to introduce restraints, moderation, compassion, justice, fairness etc into the system.

even then, those who can cheat will continue to cheat to benefit themselves in the name of people and country.