one party system is good for singapore

After considering and reconsidering, I think the best political model for Singapore is still a one party govt. There is no need for opposition MPs or opposition parties. They are really a nuisance and only cause problems for the govt. Look at the old estates and upgrading problem. If there is no opposition, no opposition wards like Hougang and Potong Pasir, the HDB would be able to do a systematic, logical and consistent programme to upgrade all the estates according to age and wear and tear. No need to adopt incoherent policies and programmes like some old and deserving estates not getting upgraded, some young and not deserving estates getting upgraded earlier. All these are the faults of opposition parties. Now some older estates, older than Hougang and Potong Pasir, are getting angry because priority is now given to these two estates if PAP wins them over. For the good of Singapore, vote PAP and support a one party system. This is the only sensible and logical way to go. Very pragmatic and very Singapore.


Anonymous said...

I'm sorry but I'll have to disagree with you.

In the first place, why do the government show favouritism over their wards, using Singapore's money? Is this right? Is this moral at all?

Do you want a government like that to have a say in everything you do?

Or are you in the opinion that - it is for your own good?

redbean said...

yesterday hsien loong spoke at uob raffles place explaining how difficult and wasteful in time and effort to deal with an opposition all out to get him. and if there is no opposition he could devote all his energy to look after the people. isn't that good and logical?

after all the pap team is all handpicked and went through a thorough and well proven process of selection. they are the best talents singapore has, all honest, with high moral and integrity. and the candidates all vouched that they are there to serve the people not like opposition who appear for a few days every 5 years and then no where to be seen.

don't you think we should vote for high quality, high calibre, honest and dedicated people to parliament?
and they will even do a better job as part time mps compare to the full time mps of opposition parties.

with these kind of party and candidates, there is no need to waste time with low quality opposition parties and candidates right?

when one is faced with such an excellent offer, it is ok to be gullible and pray that all is in good hand.

right? wrong?

Anonymous said...

Note that you need to PRAY that all is good in hand.

With opposition, you dont need to pray, for the evil will be exposed.

redbean said...

my post is to force an issue. is it really good to have a one party govt?

would anyone who is serious, prudent, rational, put all his eggs in one basket? would anyone who has a little wisdom, who is sincere to offer an advice for the good of a nation, seriously think that a one party govt is a good thing?

if someone would to suggest this would any of you agree?

Socaps said...

I don't think you are serious with your wish for a one party state after what you have advocated in your 'Children in Wonderland' posted earlier. If it materialises one day, we may end up of a $multi-million team of 'gaji buta' ministers; and it will spell disaster for Spore. Look at how we have been side tracked by a mere piece of 'missing form' so easily.

Remember that our forefathers brought forth this nation; and we must preserve it. For that matter I would advocate for a two-party system, whose future depends on the young voters, in order to keep the rulling party on their toes. If the crusade is started now, they may make inroads in this GE and succeed within the foreseeable future.

Anonymous said...

A one party system works for as long as its integrity is sound. The problem is that a prolonged period of one-party rule will ultimately lead to complacency. This idea of internal checks and balances just don't work. Afterall, would anyone want to put their rice bowls at risk ? Also, no matter how high quality these people are, the reality is they are still humans and no human is infalliable.

redbean said...

a one party system is like putting a noose around our neck and being feasted but not knowing when the noose will be tightened.

Anonymous said...

In this case, might as well don't be a 'democratic' country. Call ourselves 'communism', then everything will be systematic.

redbean said...

we are a one party democracy: ) in thailand a one party election is undemocratic according to the thai king.

in taiwan the triads called themselves political parties.