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ncmp, no need horse trading or cutting deals

A GRC is an expansion of a single ward. A defeated single ward candidate can still hang on to the ward and try to work in the ward to serve the constituency. For instance Steve Chia had done that and had served his constituency after becoming a NCMP. Now Eric Low and Sitoh would probably do the same, to continue to serve Hougang and Potong Pasir, build up the support for the next election. Now, how is Sylvia going to cover a GRC? It is a 5 single ward combined together. That is why it needs 5 candidates. It is not only fair but logical for all 5 defeated candidates to be appointed as NCMPs so that they can cover the ground. By just appointing one of 5, it lives to its reputation as a half baked scheme to entice the people. The sincerity is not there. It was not meant to work, not meant to be a serious alternative. Talking about uneven playing fields? Talking about offering more NCMPs when there is now an opportunity to put in 5 defeated candidates with the most votes into parliament, but not doing it. How are the people going to believe that this scheme is genuine, to allow more alternative voices to he heard in parliament?


Anonymous said...

It doesn't matter whether there're five or only one NCMP. The NCMP is just a 2nd class MP. They don't have voting rights, and not entitled to the $13K MP allowance. Frankly, Sylvia by accepting the post is legitimising the scheme. I feel the WP's part's interests would be better served by signalling to the PAP that they reject this scheme by declining the offer.

redbean said...

whether they accept or reject it, the scheme will still be there. it is not for the people to think whether it is real or unreal.

so might as well take the opportunity to gain some exposure for the next ge.

Anonymous said...

The scheme will not work if no opposition candidate accepts the seat. It is nothing more than to remind the occupants that they were best losers.

redbean said...

not bad huh. the best loser being rewarded. a kind of cock teaser? pardon my language.