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my government or my people?

When is enough enough? When will the people stand up and tell the PAP that they will not let the PAP to continue to rough handle anymore? There are some consensus views of what or how the PAP is being seen by the voters in the aftermath of the recent general election. 'The PAP is seen as a very arrogant party, and totally unfair to both the opposition and the people. I am against offering upgrading as a carrot. The money belongs to the nation, not the PAP...Christopher Lee in the ST. 'When the people say that the cost of living is high, the PAP says we have cellphones and air conditioners. When the people ask for GST waivers on necessities and medical items, the PAP says they are subsidised. How to talk to the Govt?'...Neo Kim Seng in the ST. 'During the campaign, the PAP told Hougang and Potong Pasir voters: ...Why be so stupid and continually support the opposition which never contributed constructively in Parliament or which only makes trouble in Parliament?...I am surprised at their unsporting attitude.' Sylvestor Goh in the ST. Despite these views which are quite common and quickly surfaced in a discussion, the PAP is still voted to power for another term. The people are unhappy with a PAP that is seen to treat the people badly and even ignoring the people's pleas with their clever arguments, with their views of what they think is best and not coming around to try to understand the people's concern. But then again, its seems that the voters will have to tolerate the arrogance of PAP, or have to grit their teeth and accept PAP as a matter of no better choice. And worst is that they are happy just to know that the PAP is now trying to be gentler to the people. 'I am a PAP supporter who believes the Govt has done a great job and is changing to adopt a softer approach towards the people...' Billy Lee in the ST. This last quote speaks for all Singaporeans, that they have grown use to be push around, or bashed around and all they can hope for, and will be happy, if only the PAP just try to be a little nicer to them. Is this the attitude and expectation of the people on the PAP or any future govt, that it is the natural state of affair for a govt to be stern and even treat them roughly? When would the Singaporeans said enough is enough, that no govt shall ever mistreat them like thrash or to be thrashed around? And a little kinder govt is a great blessing? Do the Singaporeans ever think that it is only right and proper for any govt to treat them fairly and respectfully? The Singaporeans deserve a govt for what that govt is if they let the govt sit on them as a natural state of thing.


Anonymous said...

What can you say. Singaporeans just love getting their arses screwed by the PAP. I don't see how else I can explain the phenomenon. said...
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SDA Song

We Pray Singapore Democratic Alliance Party Long Life
We Pray Singapore Democratic Alliance Party Long Life
We Pray Singapore Democratic Alliance Party Long Life........

Our Pledge
We, the members of Singapore Democratic Alliance Party,
pledge ourselves as one united people,
regardless of race, language or religion,
to build a democratic society and caring society
based on human right, citizen right and equality
so as to achieve happiness, prosperity and progress for our nation.

SDA aim to create Political House in Parliament and Non-Political House in President Council. He wants to down one ruling party system that unrealistic to Singapore Nation. He recommended President Council to have Judicial Council, Social and Religion Council, Securities and Defend Council, Education and Health Council, National Economic Council and National Reserve Resource Council.
SDA wish Singaporean will respect direct democracy system on policy making.
It is from the people, by the people, for the people like bright future light shine to the darkside of the world of human life.

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