Mudslinging by Mahathir.

A DVD is selling on the streets and pasar malams with contents showing Mahathir attacking the Malaysian govt. He accused the govt of lacking courage and the country going to the dogs. By saying that the govt is lacking courage, he is actually calling all those in govt as cowards. And by saying the latter, he is saying that the country is run by dogs. This is a very offensive terminology in a muslim country when dogs or angin are tabooed in the religion, a very derogatory term. Mahathir should count himself lucky to be in Malaysia. In some countries he will be sued until his pants drop. Those words he used not only challenged the credibility of the govt, he is also attacking the sacred institutions of govt and defaming the leaders.


redbean said...

actually badawi is too much of a gentleman and difficult to engage in a gutter fight with mahathir.

the best thing for him to do is to bring anwar back to umno and let anwar to have a go at mahathir. no one in umno is able to match mahathir except anwar. and only anwar has the grassroot support, the credential, the gusto and armoury of words to square up with him.

Anonymous said...

It does show that freedom of speech is very much alive and well in Malaysia, unlike a certain country that claims to be First World.