money everywhere, billions everywhere

Now this is quite a tidy sum of money to improve communications with all the govt agencies. It will make SMS such a wonderful and convenient tool to use. Everything at the finger tips. What about those without a mobile phone or those who cannot afford a mobile phone? Yes there are many people who cannot afford mobile phones though there are many who can afford 3 or 4 phones. Reading the stories in the Sunday Times last week revealed a big section of the population that are still living in poverty and such luxury and convenience of SMS or having Tvs on the MRT are things that they can do without. Would it be nice if the $2 billion be put into the pockets of those children who are in dire need for some pocket money for food and education instead of making SMS more convenient or more beautiful parks and walkways? A comprehensive assistance plan should be worked out to improve the lives of these underprivilege people, not piece meal donations. They need help, and even prolong help until they complete their basic education. If the nation can afford to throw away money for the frills, to have beautiful parks and for the dogs and poo as well, why are we neglecting living people who have a life to live? Where is our priority? We can be charitable to plants and parks and keep improving on systems, even making our fingers to do the work instead of walking or running around, but we left our underprivilege to defend for themselves. Can we be nicer to these people and let them have a little nicetices of life?

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