monday morning bulls

Sunday was always a good time to talk cock over anything but nothing. I did with some craps. I didn't know Monday is also a good day for cocks and bulls. They are flashed all over the papers. So I shall just enjoy the fun and add in my own bulls. For those who wanted to call the election as a good sign for Singapore, be it a strong mandate with 85% or one with 55%, it will still be a strong mandate and a strong endorsement for the govt. It will be a vote of confidence and support for stability and continuity. Good for investments. Even if the opposition did come in with a GRC and a few more candidates, this group of people will not change their assessment. But the song will be different. It will still be good for Singapore. It will be a sign of maturity for a mature polity that is gravitating towards a pluralistic democracy with more oppositions. It is very healthy and very good. The western countries will now feel more comfortable to deal with an otherwise perceived authocratic govt. See, the reasoning is up to people to cook. For those who wanted badly to call this a weak mandate and bad for Singapore, it will be another tune. The majority would have gone down more if SDP was not in contention. SDP had lost most of its supporters, and their votes have gone to the ruling party. Without the SDP, the majority could be only 60%! And it will be a bad omen for a new Prime Minister and Singapore. Further, if more opposition parties got into parliament, this group will cry and spread fear that there will now be more instability with the opposition creating more problems and the govt will have to come down hard on them. And this will be a bad sign for investors. See, the bulls are equally interesting and convincing with their arguments.


Socaps said...

The dice is cast. It does not serve any useful purpose to deliberate further whether the ruling party had a resounding mandate or not because we don't have any yardstick at all.
The entire outcome was eclipsed by the excellent performance of the 'Magnificent Six' from AMK. They were written off from the start to the extend of losing their deposits, yet they rose to the ocassion like a phoenix rising from the ashes. Using the analogy of a soccer match, they should be awarded the 'Man of the Match'. It augurs for the future of credible alternative voices.

Ah Lian and Ah Kiang have planted the seeds of credible young wannabes. They must continue to water them to ensure that they (wannabes) germinate into rubber trees producing lax in eight years time.

I had another pack of XO last night although my prayer for a GRC was not granted.

Socaps said...


The word 'lax' appeared in my comment should be replaced by the correct word 'latex'.
My apologies for the typographical error.

redbean said...

eight years to produce rubber that can bounce : )

the momentum has started and we can expect more professionals joining the WP.

but i want to caution against this wind of change if we have to start a Save Sylvia Campaign. if it goes down to that, then the shock effect may hold back people from joining opposition parties.

the it will be good for singapore. more stability and more good years.

and you can keep your xo for good. or you can drown your sorrow with it.