the medisave trap

In the New Paper today, an asthma patient was reported to prefer to be resuscitated in hospital during a bout of asthmatic attack than to go on preventive medication. The later was too costly, about $100 a month. Holycow, what bullshit? Can't people afford a miserable $100 for their health? By choosing to go to hospital, she could be resuscitated and paid her medical bills using medisave. If the attempt to resuscitate her came too late, she could die. She was prepared for that. She knew. Our world best healthcare is very affordable. Cannot believe got people cannot afford a monthly preventive medicine bill of $100! I tip the doorman at the 6 star hotel $20 just to give me that big grin which he called a smile. $100 is small change. I think I must walk around more and look see at the real people instead of being driven around in my Benze.

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