magic of internet and digital photo

The combination of internet plus digital photography is really powerful. Someone shot a few dirty pictures of Marine Parade and posted in Sammyboy. The pictures glorified the litters, rubbish and walls with peeling paintworks. Immediately the town council sprang into action and all the disfigurements, graffittis and dirty spots were attended to by contractors. No MPs worth their salt will be able to live in peace when pictures of their badly maintained estate is floating aroung in the internet. And this same magical tool can be used in other areas as well. Wow, it used to be posting a complaint in the Straits Times forum to get a response. But that way you got to be lucky if the paper publishes it. Otherwise, nothing heard, nothing needs to be done. Now with internet, blogs and forums, sure to be posted and be seen. This is efficiency Singapore style, or internet style.

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