lonely voice of marina mahathir

She is a champion of a sort. A lonely voice in a world where women are supposed to be wrapped up, unheard and unseen. But she is fighting to be heard, to champion the cause of women in society. She wrote an article on the sentiments and attitude of believers and how they would react when their faiths are questioned. She pointed to the contrasting responses of Christians towards Dan Brown and the Da Vinci Code and the Muslims deadly threats towards Salman Rushdie and his Satanic Verses. Both authors and their books touched on issues that challenged the major doctrines of the respective religions. And the way the believers reacted simply lead the world to stereotype them as either rational or prone to violence. But her main objective is to call for her sisters in Islam to stand up and present another face of rationality and moderation. Would she find enough believers to take up the challenge and shed the shackles placed on them?


Anonymous said...

That world only exists in the imaginaton of Islamophobes and bigots. Marina herself is testament to the fact that not all Muslim women are 'wrapped up, unseen and unheard'.

redbean said...

she is lucky that she is in malaysia today. and she got a father that makes her untouchable.

if she is in middle east, she might be stoned to death.

would malaysia be the same 10 or 20 years down the road? or would it become another middle eastern kingdom and a devout muslim state?

Anonymous said...

What's wrong with Malaysia becoming a 'devout, Muslim state' ? The majority of the population are Muslim. The non-Muslims who don't like living in such a state always have the option to leave.

redbean said...

if malaysia becomes a muslim state, would it be something like iraq or iran where women are to be wrapped up and confined to the homes? would marina be allowed to speak so freely as an independent woman with a voice and a view of her own without being attacked by the clerics?

as for the non muslims, it is not a simple case of don't like move out. all of them are citizens and have their rights protected under the constitution.

unless violence sets in and a religious or racial cleansing takes over. can't imagine the consequences.

a comparative scenario will be for a european country like france or even australia to demand the same of their muslim populations. the world now talks about civility and understanding. not force and violence. this is the 21st century.

Anonymous said...

They may have rights as citizens under hte present Constitution. However, democracy is the rule of the majority and the majority of the population of Malaysia are Muslims. If the majority votes to turn Malaysia into an Islamic state, then the minority have very little recourse. They will have to either accept the new environment or leave if they do not want to.

redbean said...

the same situation can be applied to secular countries or christian countries.

actually it should be this way. the muslims live in muslim countries and christians in christians countries. then they don't have to fight with each other.

should malaysia become a islamic state, and if it forces the non muslim population to observe islamic laws, then asean will do a regime change. if not the americans will do it.

Anonymous said...

But if the majority have voted to turn Malaysia into an Islamic state, who are Asean and/or the Americans to deny the Malaysians their democratic choice ? Regime change by Asean ? Led by who ? The little red peesai ? I won't worry about the Americans. They're busy getting their asses kicked in Iraq, Afghanistan and now they're spoiling for a fight with Iran.

Anonymous said...

Regime change by Asean ? Now that's a good one. Asean can't even get its act together to resolve the Myanmar issue. They're fast degenerating into what the Commonwealth is today, just a grouping of disparate countries who meet up once in a while to play golf, or have tea.

redbean said...

i was just being cynical when i talked about regime change. asean trying to meddle with myanmar's internal affairs.

and why would asean go against its own principle of non interference in other countries domestic politics? there must be a devil instigating asean to do so.

and there is only one devil who think it is his god damn right, oops, should be devil damn right, to force a regime change in another country.

once asean violates its own principle of non interference and go down the treacherous path of interferring in another country's affair, it must allow other country to do it to them as well.

live by the sword, die by the sword.