leadership, glory and responsibility

To be born a leader is itself a blessing as well as a curse. The reward, glory and recognition are flattering to the ego. But the responsibility is immense. A leader can do a lot of good for the people as well as a lot of harm. Whatever they do, as compare to a small fry or ordinary person without a big office, is multiplied many times. The larger the country the greater the effect and the consequence is grave. The karma created, good or bad, is accordingly multiplied and the lives of thousands or millions of people are affected by the decision made. It is no joking matter to be a national leader. Don't pray pray. Think of what you sow and what you reap. No one can escape this law of nature. I may be wrong. And there is no such things as karma. You just live once. So take whatever you can and live as grand as you can afford to. Be selfish and live selfishly, and greedily. To be greedy is good as it drives one to work harder to fulfil the pangs of greed.

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