kopitiam talk on the election

By now probably 90% of the votes are in and nothing can change the outcome of the election. It is also a good time to talk a bit of nonsense and enjoy the freedom of kopitiam talk. I personally like George Yeo, Lim Hwee Hua and Zainul abidin. In fact many of the PAP candidates are very good people. I also like Sylvia Lim and many of the opposition candidates too. But when contesting a GRC, one team has to go. That is what GRC is all about. It is all in or all out. Choktong has warned the people of the consequences of losing a good minister like George Yeo. All ministers are highly valued and cannot afford to lose in an election. Given such a logic and the importance of a minister, opposition should not even contest a GRC. And he even suggested to cut a deal with the people, offering them even 10 NCMPs if they vote for the ministers. Actually he should have offerred the deal earlier. Then maybe the opposition can trade the deal by contesting only single wards so that no minister need to lose. Opposition candidates walkover in single wards and PAP ministers walkover in GRCs. That would be a good deal, I think. Now that the people are dumped with this GRC dilemma, it would be a waste if George Yeo and his colleagues were defeated. But all is not lost. They could easily land a job that pays them more than what they are getting now. Reminds me of Lim Chee Onn. Happily staying away from politics and making his millions. The next election will be a more interesting one when political parties start to trade deals with one another. And probably there will be no voting. Once the deal is struck, each party will go back with the number of constituencies in their pockets. General election Singapore style.


Anonymous said...

politician will always be politician. it is during elections that you get to see their true characters. true leaders vs wayang type. anyway, the god-like one has just lost my respect forever.

Socaps said...

I just had my pack of XO a while ago. Come 10.00 pm. I shall have a cup of coffee by my side with my fingers crossed. I earnestly pray that at least one GRC falls to send forth the signals of voters. All this talk of cutting a deal with opposition parties is bullshit. Remember that there is often a dichotomy between what politicians say and what they do.

redbean said...

hi socaps,

you can keep your xo for another 5 years. by then it will be more mellow.

the $10 bil package is too huge a force and could have caused a swing of at least 20% of the votes. you can imagine what the result could be without this heavy dose of heroine?

actually the politicians put on a mask in an election. all trying to humble themselves and say it is the people who decide. never has the word people been repeated so often as if they are at the mercy of the people.

but once in power, the true self will be revealed. and what people? you die your problem. we have bigger goals to look after.

And please queue up for more handouts which actually came from all the hikes and levies that were imposed on the people over the next 5 years. and the people get a jab once in a while.

amazing how easy to drug the people.

Anonymous said...

Such a lame Election elect mean gone in indian sion means "life or birth" in Chinese and 06 means "hero sick".

I better get myself drunk than to think about it.

A Singaporean said...

I think for the James Gomes case, he may be fine for his carelesness for not sending his forms.

But what if any MP or Minister does some thing wrong, let be transparent don't play play.

Singapore should plan for another 50 years ahead for growth,good living,medical care and other value affairs, OOPs...forget not another 50 years for attacking another person or person please,....otherwise I get sick over you...

AS Singapore it is a very sad election for me as I read somewhere..... If we focus on the thing that causes us to unite...., instead of concentrating on thos e that disunited us...MMMM good comment

A Singaporean

redbean said...

lets not be too downcast over the election result. though some may wallowed in despair, many are celebrating and having a feast.

it all depends on which camp one is in. as a neutral, i too will like things to be more balanced, lesser extremes and excesses in anything we do.

there is no need for the sledgehammer to smash a little hammer. a little more forgiveness is always a good thing.