it is painful watching a freak show

I happened to be fiddling with my remote control button during the commercial break watching Da Vinci Code, and 'Ouch!' It was so painful to my eyes when I saw these few freaks trying to appear queer on TV. And then there was a panel of judges, also trying to look cute and sound cute. My goodness, who is on show, or who is performing? The contestants were there as props. It is the judges that were the performers, trying very hard to be someone they were not. I grimaced with so much pain. I shouted 'Cut, cut, cut!' But nothing I could do except to switch back to the channel I was watching. The commercial break was still on. Then I told myself, it could not be that bad right? So I bravely pushed on the remote button to take another peep. 'Ouch! No, it is just as painful. No way I am going to take a second look ever again. It was supposed to be some kind of idol show. My gosh! Remove the contestants, remove the freaks. Oh, wait a minute, it is the judges that need to be removed.'

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redbean said...

From: :Dotology (LITTLEREDDOT) 21-May 23:02
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Ok, we should not be watching this crap but it was entertaining for the horrible singers that the show throws up. Why do these contestants take part? Apart from those who are seeking their one minute of infamy, these contestants should take a reality check and look at themselves in the mirror, listen to a recording of their own screeching, or get family and friends to give an objective evaluation of their chances. They are making a fool of themselves on national TV.

:Dotology: are dots idols?

now i know i am not alone. the above is posted in sammyboy.