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hi fellas, i hope i am not boring you people

i have been chatting here for quite a while and i am running in danger of boring all of you. the internet is revolutionary in a way. before the blog and the internet forum, we are all at the mercy of the printed and controlled media. they speak, we listen. and when we want to speak by sending them beautifully written letters, they decide whether what you wrote serve their interest or purpose. if not, they will simply throw it in the waste paper basket. you wasted all your effort for nothing. they are our masters. now you don't need anyone's approval to see your words in print. today, the internet has return to us our voice, our right to speak our mind. and all at the press of a few buttons. no one is there to arrogate himself to be your master, to control or manage what you can say or what you cannot say. it is a different kind of freedom. but of course this freedom comes with responsibility. we can use this tool for many different purposes, for selfish goals or, we can fantasise a little by saying that we can use it to benefit society. it may be an illusion, but there is no harm in giving ourselves a little purpose in life. otherwise we will just be chatting at random and quite aimlessly. think about it and voice out your thoughts, and you do not know when or how it could have shape other people's ideas. and if your intention is good, maybe down along the line, your thoughts or ideas could give birth to some better thoughts and ideas. feel free, feel less inhibited, communicate and share your ideas around. cheers.


Elfred said...

You are just to concentrated in the Forum. :)

redbean said...

the forum is easier to acces and post. and it has an audience of more than 500 readers world wide.