heresy of a single power domination

A world that is dominated by a single superpower, like a country with a single ruling power, is a dangerous place. As a single source of unchecked power, madness creeps in easily without them knowing. Just hear the rhetorics of our domestic politics. During the election and after the election, the terms the ruling single party govt are familiar with are fixing, managing dissent, or making conditional offers or else. This is what an unchecked singular power system will be. And people are 'polite' by not calling these attitudes the appropriate terms they deserved. No one is going to call a spade a spade for obvious reasons. In the international arena, the emergence of China as a power broker is good for all the smaller countries, but for the Americans. It allows the smaller countries more freedom to negotiate their national policies, falling back on an alternative source of counter force in China against the domineering empire of the USA. For that matter, the world will be a better place with Russia and India and the European Union taking centre stage as equally strong source of power to balance a single power world under the USA. A multi polar world is the same a a multi party political system of a nation. The world order has been structured, maintained, and has become the preserve of western powers and their domination since the industrial revolution a few centuries back. How the world should behave, economic, trade and even political systems, must be approved and accepted by the West. And this is the status quo that the Americans and the West are determined to uphold. The rest of the world shall be weak and managed or fixed the way the West wants it to be. China should desirably be a broken up country, poor and disintegrated, and ravaged by the foreign powers, and to be exploited like in the 19th and early 20th centuries. And it is very unbecoming and audacious for China to think of changing this status quo, to break free, to want to decide its own future and to stand up as a respectful independent nation. China must always be subdued and managed as a country and be dependent on foreign or western aid. All the analysts and thinktank reports are based on a perspective of western domination of the world. None of them would want to put themselves on the side of China and see the world in the interest of China. China's rise or gain is their fall or loss. So China must be contained and be a good boy, speak softly with its head bend. That is what a responsible and benign China should be, in the interest of western powers and intellectuals. Much as they want it to be so, it is China's right and national interest to stand up on its own, to build its national capabilities in all fields, including defence, so that it does not have to be manipulated or suppressed and exploited by any country any more. The same kind of interest and aspiration that every nation would want to have. The same as what the USA would want to be as an independent and sovereign nation. Would the rest of the world continue to let the USA dominate world opinion and tell the world what to do, even calling wolf every day, and believe in the American deceit?

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