Gomez slip: an interim measure

The WP is now under tremendous pressure to do something to parry off the attack on Gomez. To accept the PAP's suggestion and withdraw Gomez at this point in time will immediately destroy their chances in the election. Some WP supporters will see it as a betrayer of their own member. Some will see it as capitulation under PAP's pressure. While the public may see it as an admission of guilt. But not to do anything will allow some who have already been swayed by the logic and evidence presented that WP is part of a conspiracy or Sylvia being involved as well. And that WP is refusing to clean its own house. This is equally bad. Either way, WP's chance of a victory is gravely undermined. What perhaps is a compromise solution and to delay taking immediate action of any kind is for Gomez to make a commitment that he will resigned from the team if he is proven guilty in a court of law. Until a charge is filed against him, and until he is given an opportunity to defend himself in court, he is as innocent as any one. Let the due process of law take its natural course to prove his guilt. And till then, no one shall continue to talk about the case as it will compromise his defence in court later. With such an undertaking by himself, he and his team can then concentrate on the election itself. And should anyone continue to harp on the issue, it could be seen as attempting to interfere in a case pending trial. Now this I am not too sure whether this is sufficient to restrain anyone from passing more comments and further aggravating the situation. At least it is some kind of a response to what the PAP is demanding but without weakening their election effort.

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