gomez guilty

The Gomez issue has taken centre stage in this election. He is now faced with an accusation that he intentionally tried to cast doubts on the integrity of the elections department and the election system. This is a serious charge and the PAP expects the WP to take action against him, even to withdraw him from the election. Far from being a 'distracted' candidate who made an 'unintentional omission' and then apologised for it, Mr James Gomez set out to deliberately set up the Elections Dept with the eventual aim of showing that the Govt had no integrity, said Deputy PM Wong Kan Seng.... The acts show beyond any doubt that Mr Gomez lied.' said Mr Wong. 'This was no small lie.' quote Today. According to George Yeo the WP could still contest theelection without Gomez, with only 4 candidates. Should WP continue to field Gomez, then it stands to be seen as either an accomplice or supporting his wrong doing. Does WP has a choice of not doing anything now on the ground that Gomez has not been proven or found guilty by a court of law? Or is Kan Seng's investigation enough to hang him? And if WP take this stand, can the police arrest him and put him in custody pending trial? Is this a seizable offence? At the moment the WP's position is that it is an honest mistake. While the PAP said it is not an honest mistake but with intent to cause mischief. Can the WP continue to contest the election and wait for a charge to be filed against Gomez?


Anonymous said...

The move by PAP to discredit the WP using Gomez's slip remind me of the whole PAP's machinery against Andrew Kuan before the Presidential election.

Singaporeans have enough of it. It is time to put a stop to it and move on to bigger issues that impact Singaporeans e.g. rising oil prices and pending increases in transport, medical, ERP and ....

redbean said...

the way the husting is going, it is like first world party versus third world party politiking.

Elfred said...

This 'discrediting' of Gomez is, ironically, costing the PAP heavily.

Who knows? It might be this that Gomez got to be in Parliament. :D

Singaporeans... hahahaha...

PAP really doesn't know Singaporeans well.

And by making this a focus, it is making laymen thinking PAP has no choice but to resort to such petty issue. After all, after Old NKF blew, if there is integrity to bring in, some ministers if not the entire cabinet should resign.

Why? Just look at public anger.

I really hope PAP leaders at least have basic common sense and stop such small pickering. It's not helping the already shaky image. Not to mention the kinda leaders we are made to have.

redbean said...

you are right elfred. this is not a court of law where the judge decides who is right or wrong and right will have justice on his side.

this is politics. in politics, being right may not win anything. it is what the people want to see, hear or belief. the people will take sides, in this case to vote. and they can take the side of the wrong or loser if their hearts are with the loser or perceived victim.

so, claiming to be right or even right will not necessarily lead to the expected result.