The forgotten and unappreciated group of people

What can the opposition candidates do? Can they negotiate FTAs, can they invest our huge reserves, work out master plans, bring in investments etc etc etc. Sure they can't. But do they need to? Who are the ones that do all the donkey work? Many may curse and swear at them, faceless policy makers who only know how to play by the books. But they are the real people who do all the thinking and hard work in planning and making sure that the country works like clockwork everyday. You guess it. They are the faceless and thankless civil servants. Politicians mainly set directions and build dreams. The civil servants are the one that get things done. Politicians may say I want medical fees to be reduced. And the civil servants will find ways to get it done. And if the objective is to make more money in transportation, the civil servants in LTA will get to work. Make SIA and PSA the number airport and seaport, and the civil servants will start cracking. Politicians need to have vision, to know what is good for the country, set the goals like Malaysia's 2020 and not winning the world cup in 2010. And politicians must also know that they must look after the people and not be obsessed with profit making per se. What is the point of SIA or DBS making billions when people are retrenched and become jobless? We need political leaders who think and care for the people and their welfare. Not political leaders who care about which organisation is making the most money while the people's welfare is neglected. The political leaders lead and the civil servants do the work. Political leaders must be caring men, decent men. Not necessary clever men who only think of their own pockets.


SGML said...

It's really a "numbers in Parliament" game. All this election campaigning is the just "wayang". It decides nothing.

This GE2006 does not decide on the government/cabinet/PM/civil service. It is to decide how many opposition MPs there'll be sitting in Parliament for the next term. Do we want any or do we want none?

The sad thing for Singaporeans is that only Aljunied GRC residents will be deciding for us since opposition in other GRCs will never win.

redbean said...

hi sgml, welcome to the blog.

the bookies are saying 4 single wards and 1 grc, and yes aljunied, will go to the opposition.

if it is a clean sweep, then singaporeans deserve to be hanged.

as a people, and politically, we are really third world. we are so fearful of govt and do not know what are the rights of a citizen. we dare not even speak out when our rights are infringed.

i want my money back.

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