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fair to offer ncmp seat to sylvia lim?

During the heat of the election, the PAP sweated. For staring in their faces was the fear of losing George Yeo, a key minister in the cabinet, Lim Hwee Hua, a potential minister, Zainul Abidin, also a potential minister or junior minister material. Losing one GRC means losing 5 members of a team. It is all in or all out. The vote for a GRC is a vote for the team, all 5 members are considered to receive the same number of votes. In Aljunied, all 5 opposition candidates received the same highest loser's vote. Why is it that only one NCMP seat being offered? Does it make sense when they are contesting as a whole where theoretically 5 single wards were merged into one? It is only fair that the same logic of all in and all out shall also apply to NCMPs. In this case offering only one seat to Sylvia Lim is unfair. The offer shall be made to all 5 candidates. Taking the same example, if hypothetically, 5 single ward candidates all received the same votes, does it mean that only one can be offered or all 5?


Anonymous said...

You must understand that our million dollar PM cannot handle too many opposition MPs and NCMPs. Why can't we have a better candidate for PM??

Anonymous said...

to think that there's so many opposition in the parliment... he's going to have a hard time 'fixing' them...

redbean said...

hahaha anonymous. ok lah, he has apologised for his slips already and people have sniggled him enough by now.

now got to go for serious stuff. lets see whether we will all be better off or they be better off in the next 5 years.

lky also said it, that they are not there for money or personal glory.

lyraine said...

so you're saying that lky isn't mm lee cos he wasn't out for glory or money?

o_O a lil hard to believe

redbean said...

hahaha lyraine,

i am just quoting what he said. not commenting on it. the truth is with the believer : )