does sylvia lim know?

Sylvia Lim is now expected to be answerable for the actions of Gomez. According to reported evidence, she went to the counter with Gomez to ask for the minority form. And when Gomez was filling the form, she left to attend to the press and returned later. This was what Today paper said: '...Mr Wong said that while Mr Gomez claimed that Ms Lim had seen him submit the form, the tape showed she was not with him when he put the envelope in the bag. "She must know that Mr Gomez has not been truthful. Instead...she has sought to trivialise the matter by saying we are splitting hairs."' Are the two above statements conflicting? Sylvia was not there when Gomez put the form in the bag. So how could she know? She can only know if we know that the two have colluded and planned the whole event. But is there evidence on this? Back to top '); //-->


SGML said...

It's a "numbers in Parliament" game.

This GE2006 does not decide on the government/cabinet/PM/civil service. It is to decide how many opposition MPs there'll be sitting in Parliament for the next term. Do we want any or do we want none?

The sad thing for Singaporeans is that only Aljunied GRC residents will be deciding for us since opposition in other GRCs will never win.

redbean said...

unfortunately, sgml, the force is not with them.

but it sure gives the pap a fright.

next time, next time, the motion of change has been set in motion.