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citizen reporting

There was a proliferation of blogs and forums reporting on the recent election. There was a sudden surge of interest on social and political issues among the people. The people are no longer apathetic and apolitical. The people are concerned and interested in social and national issues concerning them. Now isn't this a good thing? Isn't this what the govt wants, a maturing people who care for the nation. Or will we see more curbs to cut off such exuberance of the people? That the people should not get too nosy and should quietly go back to their lives, to the rat race, earning a living, now that they have chosen a reliable and competent govt comprising honest people with unquestionable integrity. I have been interviewed by one of the press and among the issues raised is the role of citizen reporting. Should the traditional media engage the citizens in cyberspace or should they ignore them? Like it or not, the citizens are not going to shut up. They will continue to express their views, colourful and even extreme views. And they will challenge the traditional media in reporting events and issues in the way they see it. And these are the views and feelings of the people. Not doctored views of the traditional media seen through specially coated lenses. The reporting scene will no longer be the preserves of the traditional media journalists. And the citizen reporting will grow in leaps and bounds as more people flock to the net to hear alternative and refreshing views and voices. News and news reporting will never be the same again.


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