Below are some of the known characteristics of candidates of PAP and opposition parties. PAP candidates 1. Educationally mostly are high achievers, govt scholars or overseas scholars with outstanding academic results to show. 2. Professionally also high achievers, professionals or senior management staff in govt or private sectors. 3. Family background quite varied but very proud to advertise how poor they were before. Humble background is a badge of honour to be displayed to contrast with their current middle class status and material achievements. 4. Apolitical or not interested in politics or at least not interested to become politicians. To be politicians is not their cup of tea. 5. Even if they are interested in politics they would put on an impression that they are not and are unlikely to step forward on their own. They will quietly and patiently wait to be invited for tea by the party. 6. Honest, man of high moral and integrity, prestine character, flawless. 7. Recruited only after going through many rounds of interviews and assessments by ministers and chopped 'passed' QC certification. 8. Those who are too eager to serve will be immediately rejected. 9. Must have a special liking for the colour white. 10. Willingness to sacrifice their high income and take a pay cut. 11. Only to serve as MP on a part time basis. 12. Speak in perfect English but struggle a little with dialects or mother tongue. Opposition candidates 1. Educationally from a wide band, from O level, ITE, polytechnics to university graduates. But not clearly high achievers academically. 2. Professionally from technicians to managerial level and lower grade professionals. Not high flyers in the profession or organisations. 3. Financially mostly HDB flat dwellers or heartlanders. Still trying to make it to the middle class. Probably from humble beginnings but never crow about them. 4. Politically aware and interested to serve. Volunteer themselves to stand for election or join political parties. No need to be invited for tea. Never hide their interest or intention in politics. 5. Honesty, integrity or people of good character are not broadcast as their trademark. But that does not mean that they are not good people. One thing for sure, they are not monk like or celibate. 6. Probably went through a recruitment interview but not as thorough as the screening process of the PAP. Did not carry a QC certification of approval as a flawless specimen. 7. The more eager they are in politics the better will be their chances of being field for election. 8. Must have a dislike to wear white, or at least feel uncomfortable looking too clean and white. 9. No need to sacrifice any high income to go into politics. So cannot boast that they have made a big sacrifice to serve the people. 10. Committed to serve as full time MP if elected. 11. Very comfortable in dialects or language of the heartlanders. And look every bit like a heartlander, even in habit, mannerism and interests. 12. Don't play golf or drive luxury car. Old Volkswagen or equivalent is their choice..

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