banning the da vinci code

An educator and a mother of six pondered over the pros and cons of the movie, The Da Vinci Code and was pleased that it was categorised as NC16. So only her eldest child is allowed to see the show. But she deliberated quite thoroughly on the virtue or approach to ban movies or books that are seen as having a bad influence on children. And for that matter many of the movies screened on prime time TV and computer games should also be banned. Their contents in many instances were anti Christianity or religions, or of questionable moral values. But she came to the conclusion that we should let our children see and judge the movie, to shift through the half truths from the truths themselves. She has faith in the intelligence of her children. Banning the Da Vinci Code is not a solution. For that matter, the explicit descriptions of immoral sexual behaviours and excesses, including incests, in the Old Testament should not be freely available to the children. The Bible should only be for adult readings only.


Anonymous said...

Ratings don't mean hoot these days when you can just download the movie off P2P networks like Bittorrent.

redbean said...

with internet and vcd/dvds, the net is full of holes. censorship and ratings are now an exercise in futility.

maybe we should have a demonstration like in indonesia to tell the world that we have nothing better to do than to demonstrate against film ratings.

the indons, wow, 100,000 chanting with great fervour against pornography and even kissing in public. corruption, govt abuses and education, poverty etc do not deserve their attention.