another productivity drive

Quantum Leap In Productivity?by Heng-Cheong Leong Lim Swee Say is asking the low income to "make quantum leap in producitivty" in order to move ahead. Great, let's ask your favorite food court's dish clearing auntie how exactly is she going to clear "quantum leap" number of tables? I guess most folks' answer will simply be either OT or Second Job. Is that all NTUC can do? the easiest and most efficient way to help the aunties to clean more dishes and faster is to buy a few dish washing machines. then one aunty can clean what 10 aunties can do. then can replace the 10 aunties with dish washing machines. then can say productivity of 1 aunty is now equivalent of 10 aunties. i still like the idea of creative management in designing high paying jobs. one way is to create more town councils, maybe one town council for every 10 blocks of flats. and every 10 town councils one mayor. then every ten mayors one zone mayor, and every 3 zone mayors one region mayor. and every 3 region mayors one district mayor. and every 3 district mayors one governor mayor. wow, so many jobs created, and high paying one also.

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