the ageing classes

As one gets older, the discrimination of class gets more apparent. The majority of the senior citizens fall into the senile and dementia class that needs to be helped and protected under all kinds of govt schemes. And as this class grows in size, the govt will have to continue with more schemes and keep scheming to look after their well being. Then there is another class that will live in posh retirement villas in resort islands. A variation of this maybe in nursing homes with basic facilities. Then there is the upper class or distinguished class which a writer, Dinesh Senan, wrote about in the Today paper. This is a class of ever wiser and continuously growing smarter talents that gets more valuable over the years, like fine wines. And if Dinesh has his way, all these greying talents should be elevated to a Council of Elder Statemen to help run the country, provide advice and vision for the younger leaders or act as mentors. And why not, they have all the useful and valuable experience that should not be put to waste. The only concern is whether their pension of 2/3 their last drawn income will be enough to keep them comfortable and not force them to work to earn extra income? That will be tragic. Or maybe in addition to their 2/3 pension they can still draw a salary commensurate with their talents and experience in life. That should not be difficult. And think about it, at 55 or 60, they still have another 20 good years to serve the nation. Who says at 55 people will be senile and cannot think and need to be protected by the state?


Anonymous said...

it is more worthwhile to let them "die on the job". That way they do not get lifetime pension. imagine paying them 2/3 of their million dollar salary for life for doing nothing! my conclusion is to make them work their asses off but i'm sure they will "tai chi" most work to the civil service.

redbean said...

let me see...for such talents, dying on the job is a waste of talent. and paying 2/3 of their million dollar salary pension is a just reward.

from a HR point of view i find it trying to justify why a non employee is entitled to pension, especially when some works only for less than 10 years. pension is for employees who serve a lifetime in an organisation.