3 voters for PAP and 2 against

At 60% it means that for every 10 Singaporeans, 4 voted for the opposition. Or out of every 5 people, 3 are for PAP and 2 for the Opposition or against the PAP. Our system is so strange that a 66.6% of votes can be translated into 97.6% of parliamentary representation, 82/84. The people, 33.4% of them are represented by 2 MPs. Just to play with numbers, these 2 MPs actually carry on their shoulders, the hopes and worries of 400,000 voters, or 200,000 voters each. The other 800,000 represented by 82 MPs or 10,000 voters to a MP. Now, can Low Thia Khiang and Chiam talk with a louder voice in parliament?

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