women and cedaw

the women are waving the cedaw card, convention for the elimination of discrimination against women. hey guys, how about cedam? other countries i am not too sure. but we need cedam in singapore. we need both. there are cases of discrimination against women. there are also discriminations against men, especially in our antiquated laws. and then national service is one big discrimination. not that i am for women to serve national service. but the guys need to be treated more fairly while doing a service to the nation. i hope cedaw is not calling for the closing down of crazy horse. it is a place where women are discriminated. they performed and the men watched and clapped and whistled. and they are naked while the men are fully clothed. now is that discrimination? the men paid for the women to do things to make them happy, do things at their callings. but some may say the women in crazy horse are showing how well perfected they are as a specimen. they are proudly exhibiting what nature has done for them, beautiful, feminine, charming and exciting. can't imagine men performing the same kind of show without dressing like women. what do women want? you ogle at them they give you the bitchy look. you ignore them and they get angry. they do not want to be ogled and also do not want to be left on the shelf. they dressed up to be seen but not to be seen. some dressed up to the nines but put a black sack over them. women, to be adored and loved, and to be pissed off.


Matilah_Singapura said...

Another one of these feminist non senses, by "ugly" loser women - victimised by their own fear and self-loathing.

Thank god most women are "normal" and don't have problems relating to men, and lucky for the "normal" men that these women abound.

These "victim feminists" are the minority. In the 60's and 70's they burnt their bras. In the 80's and 90's they complained of the "glass ceiling". In the 20's they campaigned for sufferage so they could vote.

David Marshall gave the women a free kick by authoring and ratifying the Women's Charter. S'pore women are light-years ahead of even their most "sophisticated" western counterparts.

What the *#@! are they complaining about?

Where's my beer and my blowjob, you bitches? ;-)

redbean said...

there should not be any exploitation by either sexes. when the guys take advantage of the women and abuse them, they should be taken to task.

and women must not be allowed to exploit the law to their benefits. how could those who could not even earn $1000 insist on a $10k or $20k expenses after divorce, and half of the husband's assets that can come to millions when the guys slogged it out and the women 'sacrificed' at manning the home.