what nkf says

1. corporate governance is a serious thing and must be seriously implemented with truly independent directors. the directors must be appointed by an independent body. not internally like i know you, he knows yo, so i appoint you. 2. highly trained and capable professionals are not necessarily good men. 3. paying crazy sums of money does not ensure honesty. or maybe nkf did not pay enough. no one knows what is the price to pay enough. 4. big names are equally flawed as human beings. 5. people who appear to be decent and honest may not be so. 6. no one or organisation must be allowed to run away from responsibility and accountability. anyone or organisation appointed to hold office or tasked to do a job must do the job or be held accountable. 7. no one or organisations can be trusted. 8. transparency is fundamental to accountability. 9. a big house cleaning is needed in all public organisations.

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