the video victim is a bumi!

actually i would like to take a bet. that the woman in the video is a chinese national. i hope the real victim will appear and put this farce away. it is difficult to think that the bumi police woman would make another bumi to do ear squat. (originally i posted about the victim being pregnant. but she was not pregnant then.) at this point i am still convinced, from the video, that the victim can never be a bumi. i need more clearer pictures to prove otherwise. can only believe with picture of this bumi. from the video, this bumi must have chinese parents.


Speedwing said...

Hi Redbean

Of course she is a bumi. It is in the papers, so it must be true. I read in this morning in the ST. I am sure it is also in The Star. I must admit my first reaction this morning was exactly the same as yours. However, as it is in the papers, I will believe it until proven to be otherwise.

Who are we mortals to doubt what they put in the papers. The newspapers, especially the ST prints nothing but the truth, so we must believe what we read. Afterall, whatever they want us to believe must be for our own good.

Better not question too much Redbean. If you stick your head out too much, one of these days it might just get chopped off. Take care.

redbean said...

hi speed, you are now more like a singaporean. if i said i don't believe that she is a bumi until i see her photo, and my head can get chop off, then everyone in the blogosphere would deserve to have their heads chop off.

the very fact that the press is not allowed to print her pic is the first clue that everything is not alright. in the court, they can only see her back, fully dressed.

i am just saying that seeing is believing. if i don't see with my own eyes, i cannot believe it to be otherwise. i can tell the difference between a malaysian chinese, indonesian chinese and a singapore chinese. i will be blind if i cannot tell the difference between a chinese and a bumi.

you saw the video. you know what you saw.

Speedwing said...

Hi Redbean, sarcasm has never been my strong point. I do not seem to be able to get it across at the best of time.

redbean said...

hi speed, i sensed some of it but was confused a little. unless my eyes are deceiving me, the woman in the video, front view, is definitely a china woman.

well the truth is more exciting than hollywood.

Speedwing said...

I do not think we will ever get to know the real truth. Knowing how things work in Malaysia, I have this feeling that if indeed it was a lady from China and not a bumi, we will never know the truth.

redbean said...

hi speed,

in this case, with the woman's face on tv and in print, it is very difficult to hide anymore. it takes a very exceptional mind to think it can be another anwar saga, where there are so many misinformation that eventually everyone got confused. here the face is the evidence for all to see.

now that we know that this happened in june, and the police officers only now claimed that she was bumi, which invites more suspicion. if they had knew all these while, the ministers and all the top brass would have said it long ago that she was not chinese and no need to make an apologetic trip to china.

i must take my hat off to those people who still think that they are able to convince everyone that the woman is bumi.

but i stand to make another apology should the evidence prove me wrong. at the moment i am just not convince.

redbean said...

the bumi claimed that she could identify herself by looking at her gesture and the shape of her body from the back.

how many people know of their own gesture and the shape of their body from the back? now that is very interesting. i know many people are totally oblivious of their gesture unless you regularly stand in front of the mirror to see how you behave.

and as for the shape of your own back, now that is more interesting.

Speedwing said...

To be fair we should wait for he findings of the so called independent enquiry. I have my doubts but I think I should reserve my final judgement for later. Afterall, I am still very Malaysian at heart, so I must try to be fair and kind.

redbean said...

we all have some attachment to our past. that is very human.

you know the star reported that the witness was asked to appear in court again, to take down her tudung and face the media. and it was reported that her identity was confirmed.

and i still cannot believe the news. i still believe in what i see. and unless they are prepared to print the face of the bumi, i will not believe what is reported.

that is the amount of doubt that i have. for the video is so clear and there is no doubt in my mind that the victim was a china woman.

i am waiting to be convinced that i am wrong.