the unwanted 5 Cs

ask any prs why they did not want to take up citizenship here. you will get a very telling grin on his face. without uttering a word, you will get the message on how stupid your question is. who would want to get a citizenship that comes with so many hindrances, obligations and disadvantages. who would want their sons to be conscripted at the prime of their lives? 2 1/2 years of youth, the most wonderful part of a young man's life, and another 20 years of reservist liabilities. conscription is never a choice thing to do. who would want to be a citizen and got to get their cpf money lockup practically for life? who would want to be a citizen and have their lives and lifestyle practically controlled by the state or system? as a pr, when the time is ripe, they could pack up, collect all their savings, and move back home or some where that is cheap to live their twilight years. why would they want to stay here to feed the high cost of living when there are cheaper alternatives. the prs are very happy as they are, minus the 5 Cs.


Anonymous said...

All PRs know about the pros and cons of obtaining a SG citizenship inside out with the exception of our Government. The PRs will flee Singapore in time of trouble.

redbean said...

the value of our citizenship is like the value of water from malaysia. when we are self sufficient in water, they can let their water flow into johore straits. it would not worth a cent.

i think the value of our citizenship has reached this stage sooner than water. prs are all very happy with just prs. citizens may even want to switch status as prs. many already done so in australia.

IMAGOD, the original said...

Ah yes... I have a sadistic habit: I like to bait caucasian's who have exiled their hi-tax welfare-warfare states to settle in S'pore - you know, the "unique" place. ;-)

WOW! How they come to the defense of the country... and this is before they've received confirmation of citizenship.

Yes, they are just what this cuntry needs, to add variety and spice to our waning gene-pool.

Welcome to Singapore...

Oh, they know that as "foreigners" they have an advantage over the "locals." Ah... it's nice to have the truth out in the open... finally.

Genetic superiority. Man, you've just gotta love it!

Uniquely Singapore!

redbean said...

different people do things for different reasons. some will definitely find the singapore as their paradise on earth. some will come here with a little colonial hangovers. and many will use singapore as a stepping stone to the west.

and for those high tax countries, singapore's tax structure is quite attractive actually.

and advantage they sure have. look at those few top ceos that were recruited to run some of the top companies here before they messed it up or do nothing but being paid a fat salary? if one is to look at their qualification, their academic background is at best equivalent to our students from neighbourhood schools. no way they can rub shoulders with the cream of our elite students. being expats sure have advantage.

Matilah_Singapura said...

Yes. Absolutely.

From my experience in the late 80's and 90's, being an expat is replete with advantages - due to a complex array of local perceptions: 'foreigners are better than locals', 'we need a different i.e. "imported" world-view', 'the guy has international experience', 'it looks better to our market', 'it gives us a sense of one-upsmanship to our competition'... and all sorts of associated ignorant beliefs.

So put off with these perceptions was I, that in 2001 on my next sojourn to S'pore, I decided to be "a local".

Damn, I've been regretting it ever since. My fees dropped. My expenses went up as no one was willing to pay for airfares or accomodation.

"Stupidity is not accpeting reality for what it is".

Recently I tried to reverse the situation by argument and increasing my fees - with, at least some success - by fluke, I would say.

To paraphrase one of my mentors - the great marketing "guru" Jack Trou (look him up - he's amazing!)t: "Once it is in the mind of the prospect, it stays there".

We all have to live with consequences of our choices. Bloody hell!

redbean said...


did you try to market yourself as a true blue aussie? a little packaging, maybe a change of citizenship and name, and a name resume, will carry you very far.

and don't forget to mark up your fee. that will make it look even smarter. good things cannot be cheap :< )