umno youth chief challenged

below article is copied from littlespeck.com UMNO Youth chiefHishammuddin asked to explain where he got million ringgit to buy luxurious car. Arfa'eza A Aziz. malaysiakiniDec 7, 2005 Umno Youth chief Hishammuddin Hussein has been challenged to explain how he could afford to pay M$1m in cash for an American-made vehicle registered to his name. Revealing this during a pre-election ceramah in Pasir Mas, Kelantan, Keadilan-Rakyat vice-president Mohd Azmin Ali also dared Hishammuddin to hold an open debate with him. Azmin produced the vehicle registration card issued by the Road Transport Department, indicating that Hishammuddin has paid in cash for the Chevrolet Hummer. "He keeps saying that he champions the rights of the Malays and the poor. How can he understand the plight of the poor when he indulges in such a lavish lifestyle," Azmin told some 2,000 people. "Hishammuddin (left) has to explain as to how he can afford to pay cash for the car which costs close to M$1 million, given his ministerial salary." He also said the people should not buy Umno's claim that it is protecting those who are marginalised, when its officials are squandering the people's wealth. Azmin said Hishammuddin must clear his name before the voters of Pengkalan Pasir go to the polls tomorrow to elect a new state legislative representative. "I dare him to have an open debate with me on this issue," he said. Ready for investigations Later at a function in PAS election headquarters in Pasir Mas, Azmin said he is ready to face police investigations into the issue. He said this when told by a reporter that Hishammddin had accused him of breaching the law by exposing a confidential document. "It's a public document which I obtained after doing a search. If he says I have committed an offence, charge me in court. No problem with that. "This is typical of Umno. It does not address the real issue but diverts the people's attention to other things." Two days ago, PAS Youth chief Salahuddin Ayub threw a challenge to Umno deputy chief Khairy Jamaluddin to debate the New Economic Policy. malaysiakini


IMAGOD, the original said...

Nothing like race-based political democracies (majority rule) to ensure that the top-dogs and their ilk dip their snouts into the trough, to greedily feed on the swill of expropriated public funds, to perpetuate the mechanisms of pork-barrel politics.

On the hopeful side, Malaysia may one day explode:

ka - BUMI!

... I know, I know... I'm such a poet...


redbean said...

i don't think malaysia will explode. it will, instead, implode. it is quite empty in the knowldedge realm today, with all the half bakes assuming positions as eminent and knowledgeable men.

in all the fields where real technical and professional knowledge are required, they have staffed them with people that would not even make it to universities. how far this cancer will be concealed is difficult to tell. but the malignant growth is growing by the day and one day they will wake up and find that they have travelled back in time by decades.