tipping for good service

let's not have this stupid practice. i am totally against it. it is a colonial hangover. it is a practice of the rich who can afford to throw away small change to the servitude. it is degrading and patronising. the rich patron takes pride in giving and the servant takes pride in receiving. what we should encourage among the people is pride for their work and services. and also pride in themselves as an individual. that they need not live on other people's charity and generosity. people are paid to do a job and to do it well. the satisfaction and acknowledgement by others of their work is enough reward. i don't like to insult the taxi driver by giving him a few cents or a couple of dollars. and often i can sense that they felt insulted. there were many cases of rich little school boys giving tips to old daddy taxi drivers. how humiliating that can be. living a life depending on people's tips, tips from school boys or girls. on the practical aspect, many not so rich people also take taxis now and then. it will be very stressful on them to tip the taxi drivers. they don't have that many spare cash like our rich people who suggested such a silly practice, all because they could afford to practise it. it will lead to many uncomfortable situations where the poor taxi driver expecting a tip with a big grin and the poor taxi customer could not give. stop thinking like colonial masters and the rich aristocrats or the royalties...' here, this is for you.' and the servants will receive it with both hands and happily said, 'thank you master,' or 'thank you sir, m'am.' this is my tip of a people or society that has some pride left in themselves. do i have to tip the minister if he pays me a visit?


Matilah_Singapura said...

I totally support the practice of tipping - BUT - it should be an individual thing.

Benevolence and generosity is based on the SELFISH CHOICE to want to show appreciation for good service. That means, you are willfully "give a little extra" to the person who in your own mind has done an exemplary job.

Tipping is based on respect for the individual. It acknowleges that people are unequal and some people are willing to give their all and more in the performance of their duties.

A service contract is a dry, dull, bloodless and souless piece of paper. The individual human brings a 'living spirit' to his contractual obligations. for e.g. he smiles, not because it says so in the manual, but because he really enjoys the activity of smiling - i.e. he enjoys the activity without any concern for the "gain".

This selfish choice of smiling benefits himself first - because it keeps him happy. He may be doing an onerous job, but if he can smile, pay attention to his work - cut wood and carry water - then he is one enlightened honcho.

I practice tipping if I (unilaterally decide to do so) believe that the individual is being an individual by loving his work and doing it with humanity and concern for his consumers.

I believe this practice ought to be encouraged in the young. The more we are charitable and appreciative of other people's labour - which serves our needs - the better the society in the long run.

I do not tip if the service is poor. If the Bill is $9.95, I make sure I collect my 5¢ change, and if I'm in a "good" mood, I will let them know it by showing my displeasure. (A free lesson to them - so that they may improve).

If I'm totally pissed, I will just depart quietly, and tell all my friends about the bad experience. (Then the business is none the wiser... when they eventually collapse, they'll be searching for answers. Too late.)

redbean said...

err...if i am rich, i will support tipping. tipping gives me the power to reward those i think are deserving. and those who are on the wrong side will have to know whose backside to scratch and smell. the servitude must serve and wait to be rewarded.

conceptually this thing smells. it dehumanises the lower servants and glorifies the rich and mighty. the rich can flaunt his wealth and throw them at the poor. the poor must curry the rich. it is no longer the pride of work, the pride of the individual is exchanged for money. but worst, it is not being bought. it is subject to the whims and fancy of the tipper. when he is not happy, the servants could kneel down to lick his boots but could be kicked away. there is no contractual obligation to give. and the poor bugger must always seek to appease the tipper and hopping that he will be generous.

no, i don't think tipping is a good idea. maybe i will change my mind when i am filthy rich.