a time bomb waiting to blow apart

in the following days or weeks, our social and political picture is going to take a dramatic change, blown apart. if the words of khaw boon wan are to be taken seriously, he has in all but said that many heads will row in the aftermath of the nkf investigations. for khaw boon wan to state it out front that the investigators should also investigate on his ministry, and he is willing to listen and correct any shortcomings, he has set the tone that everyone is accountable for his own actions. seldom has a man in authority in this nation to admit categorically that he could have been naive and over trusting, which means that he was misled. such admission of fault in the public is unprecedented. but it means that whatever that is going to happen is going to be serious. and khaw boon wan is serious. the misconception that corporate governance will take care of itself if reputable, well trained and professional people are placed in the board, will now take a heavy blow. men of skills are not necessary men of good will. men of reputation and high office are just as vulnerable to the temptation of power and greed. men with a good heart and moral integrity do not necessarily come with professional skills and expertise. and this is an area that is sorely lacking in the world of corporate governance.

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