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sun tzu's ultimate strategy

military strategists and generals talked about how to fight and win a war. sun tzu on the other hand advocated winning a war without fighting. that is his ultimate strategy. a strategy which involves positioning, preparation, posturing and strengthening a nation up to a point where the enemy knew that he will lose if he starts a war. try applying this to the art of looking after the welfare of a population. a successful nation is one that has its citizens well fed, well housed and well looked after. it is a state when all citizens have jobs, have proper accommodations and fully able to take care of their own needs. a nation would have failed if it has to provide all kinds of aid and assistance to help its citizens. it is a big failure if the govt keeps telling the people we have this scheme and that scheme to help you. we should not be bragging about all the assistance plans made available. it is a sure sign of things gone wrong. it is a sign that people are in trouble and need help. it is anything but a bad sign that things are not well. when the people are well taken care off, there is no need for aids and financial assistance. though it is not possible to completely wipe out poverty and people in trouble, the very fact that we need to put into place all kinds of assistance plans is not something to be proud off. just like bringing up children. if they need to come back to papa for money and help, then papa has failed. what is the use of papa being a millionaire with a fat bank account and can finance all the handicap children who cannot fend for themselves? should papa keep encouraging his children to come back when they are broke and be grateful that papa has the dole to feed them on a piecemeal basis?


Matilah_Singapura said...

The best way to help the poor is to get government out of all our lives.

Those who are the least powerful in society are the least empowered to shield themselves from the big ugly, all powerful government.

The free market benefits those who are even too weak to play.

redbean said...

please read the kpmg report on nkf. it only confirms what you said.

Matilah_Singapura said...

Yeah. Amazing how Price Water**** C**** are passing the buck.

Simply... amazing....

redbean said...

no way. the pricey water is going to face the music this time. it is time full accountability be put on the shoulders of those are are paid expensively. even those who collect director's fee or those who want to boost their egos by accepting prestigeous appointments but neglect or unwilling to do just a bit of their parts.