singapore the yuppy

singapore is just like a yuppy, young and upward mobile, vibrant, rich, and craving for all the trappings of being affluent. the 5 Cs, theatres, latest mobile phones, palm tops, laptops, holidays, fine cuisines, pubbing, fine wines and women.... singapore have almost attained all the trappings of what a rich country should or must have. country clubs, marinas, durians, theme parks, revolving viewing towers, bungee jumping, ferris wheels, formula one speedboat races, turf clubs, and now crazy horses, and casinoes in the line up. what else that we want but have not attained as trappings of a rich and successful nation? we have climbed mount everest, swam across the english channel, walked the antartic, collected as many golds as we could in sports, in the guinness book of record, have maids in tow....oh, still one more to go, the world cup. sure we will get the world cup. then we can tell the world we are number one. we have arrived.


IMAGOD, the original said...

One way to gauge the suck-cess (excessive suckiness) of a nation is to witness how many people can behave stupidly, enjoy themselves, and return to work delivering the results necessary to ensure economic productivity, peace and progress.

Let the yuppies enjoy themselves!

At least their zest for life beats the stiff shirts and old farts of the PAP and their ball-lickers who take life far too seriously.

Life is for LIVING!

redbean said...

uh, you may have a problem trying to define what is meant by behaving stupidly : )

it seems that people here are starting to want to enjoy themselves. but to me, they have been enjoying themselves all the while, in golok, in batam, in bangkok etc some just make do in geylang.

never mind, now we all can get a little crazy with horses.

IMAGOD, the original said...

No problem at all: Behaving stupidly,explained by example: in a nutshell is the wanton pursuit of mindless objectives (for e.g. the 5 or 6 C's), the immature craving to stay young forever, and the neurotic attachment to the craving of sense-satisfaction. :-)

But, no problem. It is only through foolishness that we can become wise ;-)

... and one is young only once! So let them enjoy!

redbean said...

the problem is that when they are young they have no time to enjoy. when they grow up, they also have no time to enjoy. when they are old, they are worried that their young would have no chance to enjoy.

so they keep amassing wealth thinking that the more you have the longer it will last. when i read the hawpar story, it is unbelievable that that kind of wealth can be destroyed in two generations.

it just goes to tell that what is not yours is not yours. what will go away will go away.

IMAGOD, the original said...

Everyone has the same 24 hours in the day to get things done.

There is no such thing as "no time".


redbean said...

24 hours? some have 25 hours or more. that's why they can take on 10, 20 or 30 jobs at one go.

Matilah_Singapura said...

Ahh... the young and their folly...

redbean said...

the young and the folly only have 25 hours.

the super talents have as many hours as they wish to have. OPH. age is non issue.