the singapore brand now kenna fuck

nkf is a hallmark of the singapore brand. a stamp of quality, efficiency, good management practices, good and honest people, professional management, incorruptibility when well paid, accountability, transparency, and good international accounting systems, no cronism....good practice to have people wearing several hats to share experience and expertise.... all now kenna fuck. how this affair has damaged a reputation that we have built all these years, as a model nation with model people and systems is yet to tell. but the damage is pervasive. what we believe as truths have suddenly become myths. how will this destroy our reputation in the world stage? will we still be a model system for the aspiring developing countries? or will people shun us or have doubts about what we do and what we preach?


Matilah_Singapura said...

No, no ... this can't be right. My oracle syas that S'pore is going to matilah in 10-30 years time....

... something must have screwed up the timeline,,,, or my oracle is broken!

...err.. do you know of anyone who can repair it? Foreign talents ok...

redbean said...

this is a stark reminder by god, for those who believe in him, that the rot has set in and must be treated immediately.

would people believe it? no one in nkf or outside nkf will see anything wrong. it is a beautiful green apple, very well polished from the outside.

how can it be rotten to the core?

Matilah_Singapura said...

People know the Mafia is "bad". But they still support it ;-)

The NKF saga sheds some light on the mindset of the chattering classes (the masses, the public):

1. They live by mutual exploitation.

2. They hate it when some one gets more of the spoils of "exploitation" then they do.

3. They believe exploitation should be "equal"

IMO, serves them right. :-)

redbean said...

this case digs into a different kind of exploitation. on the one hand people skims a dollar or two to give. on the other hand people are splashing and splurging away in the millions.

and the cause and effect is so direct that the masses cannot stomach and screaming for blood. it is a very unique case.