sick people in the air

a forumer complained about the sick joke of a 'ghost' that frightened a newsreader in the straits times today. it was a very stupid thing to do as a joke. it takes a team of very sick people to choreograph it and air it as something they should be proud of, a great achievement. fortunately the poor girl did not die of shock. or she might end up in a mental hospital. you can never understand different individual's treshold for fear and pain. it just shows how dangerous when immature people are put in charge. this is another version of trying to compare annabel as a national hero.


Matilah_Singapura said...

The moment one hears "ghost" you know it is a joke, because ghosts do not exist.

That just goes to show you what kind of people we have reading us our news - morons :-)

People, for the most part, create their own fear. Therefore, if one seeks "entertainment", a proven method is to "stimulate" the fears of others. Then we can all have a laugh :-)

Annabel is not a national hero. She is an international ICON in the realm of adult entertainment. Whether she should be given the status of "national hero" is a moot point.

Personally, I think she deserves The Cultutal Medallion for her contribution to the global arts scene.

... but then again, that's only my opinion.... I don't hand out the awards. The taxpayer-funded government servants are the ones - the "arbiters" of art and culture.


redbean said...

i saw the trailer and my immediate response was that it was done in very bad taste. the girl was sitting alone in a dimly lit studio. then a greenish looking image appear and walked towards her. when she saw that image you could see and sense the fear and horror in her. she was very frightened and went hysterical.

no one shall play such a prank on anyone. even a guy might not be able to take the shock. it was so spine chilling. imagine waking up in the middle of the night with a greenish figure standing beside your bed starring at you.

on the subject of annabel, you may want to award her with the medal of matilah. she is infamous alright.