opposition talk

heard this in the kopitiam. the slogan for opposition parties. 'we will donate 50% of our pm and ministers' salaries to charity if we are elected to parliament.'


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Elfred said...

If it were I, I won't vote for such slogan.

Who don't know who control charity?

If they give $15,000 ERS, then can consider. :D

redbean said...

i agree elfred. but $15k a bit too much for everyone. let's say $10k each will do lah.

nowadays the expectation is quite high. everything that is decent must be in hundreds of thousands, or millions. or else not worth a peanut.

people only respect you when you have big appetite.

better change my expection. how about $100k huh?

Matilah_Singapura said...

Can't you see what a bunch of lying scoundrels they are?

They are worse than their PAP counterparts - at least the PAP justify their high salaries - without apology.

These opposition wannabes don't get it: Their governmental salaries are paid by the taxpayer, therefore if they were at all HONEST (no such thing - all politicians are corrupt and evil), they will reduce taxes or return the money to the RIGHTFUL OWNER - The Taxpayer.

What is this giving to charity shit? If I give to charity, I decide, not some asshole politician!

redbean said...

hi matilah,

i think you are referring to my comments about giving some of the loot to charity. after all most of the opposition members are not earning that kind of money, which is excessive in any standards. they should be bold enough to take a stand on it. tell the people they don't need that kind of money. they can do anything they like with you as long as they don't put it into their own pockets. use it as a fund for their constituents etc.

unless they think that kind of salaries are reasonable and covet for it too.

Elfred said...

Nah... I consider it too low.

I read your piece up there, and I don't agree with you we should forgive Durai even if he apologises.

Actually... there's a very huge political implication that should wake the entire cabinet up once and for good.

Remember, NKF may be one of the biggest public organization here... but there is an even larger one which runs basically on probably the same mentality and wisdom as Durai. There is a reason why $600,000 is considered peanutz in the first place.

Durai may be the first sacrifice for such folly. He is killed by political forces... from the people.

If this sacrifice can wake some people up, we still have our stability for good time... The problem is will it be a wasted sacrifice...?

Matilah_Singapura said...

Ah bullshit redbean.

Never trust anyone in politics. No matter how "moral" they might claim to be.

redbean said...

i will not disagree with you on this matilah. we are dealt a hand and have to play with whatever cards there are. and it is unlikely to be the best hands. and given the innate selfishness of everyone, you can be assured that things are done not to the best interest of everyone, but also in someway to favour the decision makers.

as for elfred,

nkf is a small version of the state. too much similarities and associations. everyone is watching to see how the drama unfold. whichever way, some parties will be happy some will not.

the politicians are forced to display how good their political skills are in trying to defuse this situation without bringing harm to themselves. the smartest will just keep quiet and remain unseen and let those who have to end it to carry the monkeys or remove them from their shoulders.

Elfred said...

Nay... something is more than meets the eyes here, Reddie.

There is silence because a war is on. :D

redbean said...


the way you described it, something very serious. what war are you talking about? this is frightening isn't it? i think it is your imagination lah.