ntu raising hostel fees

the justification: others are charging higher. very brilliant reason. have they asked why others are charging higher? what about location of ntu compares to nus? what about operating cost versus profit? what is the basis for providing hostels? to make profits? oh, they said it has nothing to do with corporatisation. and of course there are many financial assistance schemes to make sure that no one is deprived of a place in the hostel. i thought i just heard this phrase being repeated in the media and over tvs over and over again. if the basis of raising fees is to charge foreign students a higher rate then it is understandable. but hey, foreign students are mostly on scholarship and not affected by the higher rate.


Anonymous said...

I am not surprise that NTU raises the hostel fees. As a matter of fact, it is long overdue.

She needs the extra money to purchase $2,200.00 designer chairs to protect the highly educated bottems.

redbean said...

oh, thanks for the reminder. ntu students will turn out to be very good students with such good quality chairs.

maybe they will look at better quality beds in the hostels.