now australia is burning

uk burnt, europe burnt, now it is australia's turn. what next? i hope my friend matilah is well in perth. many singaporeans who migrated to perth look quite middle eastern. this division is going to tear the world apart. and christmas is just another excuse for more burning.


Speedwing said...

I have many friends in Australia. I have been to the East and the west of that great continent many times and have always enjoyed my stay there. However, I still cannot agree with Howard when he said the Australia is not a racist country. Many Aussie have a chip on their shoulder and until about a decade ago, they were very picky when it came to who they let in into their country. Now, they have come to realised that without the ASEAN countries they would be isolated. They have recently become very friendly and are keen to be part of Asia. I believe they will get in now that Malaysia has a new PM.

The trouble in Sydney was not unexpected. Tension between immigrants and the whites in all Australian cities has always been there. All it needed was a spark and we have what we saw in Sydney. For the sake of all my Asian friends and my family in Australia I hope they solve the problem quickly. It would be very dangerous if the trouble spread to other cities and to other sections of the immigrant population.

redbean said...

we are all humans and when things are ok, like husband and wife, nothing said. once there is friction or tension, whatever warts will be a big issue. everyone will have his own little prejudice in race and religion. it is only how he rationalise and cope with it.

australia had a white policy for a long time and this would have developed some deep seated sentiments. at one time they preferred the half whites if they cannot get enough whites. so many middle eastern and mediterranean people were accepted in preference over asians.

but god or nature always has the last say, and our decisions often were turned against us. the malaysian policy of welcoming the indonesians is also back firing.

as the world gets closer and smaller, lets hope people will learn to live with differences. the americans are now living with their afro americans, their vietnamese, their japanese. the aussies are now living with the vietnamese better after the tuong van case, and many asians from asean countries are now more acceptable to them.

this muslim/arab problem is a painful and long lasting one. and it can get worst if not properly handled. and there is the international movement to flame it more.

aussie interests in the region have to do with their exports. and there is also the american element behind their back. the americans fear being left out and would want oz to have a foot in the region as their front man.

Matilah_Singapura said...

A cuntry can never be racist. Only people are capable of being racist.

See; http://wiki.cotch.net/index.php/List_of_fallacy_pages:A

"Ambiguous collective fallacy"

I am fine. This week, I am in S'pore - returning to the great southern continent next week.

Aust is not burning. You exagerrate - but that's great because it shows your imagination is fertile and vibrant :-)

You know me - I view this sort of thing as entertainment. Racial tension is simply part of the scheme of things, where humans are concerned.

That's why we have race jokes - because of bigotry and hatred. Without these "evils" no humour is possible.

Relax. Watch the show. Nature's put it on free for your erudition and entertainment!


redbean said...

hi matilah,
so you miss all the action while back here. tell us of your fun when you get home.

the race thing is a very vicious cycle. once started it is very difficult to control. and it will linger on forever.

the faster it is stop, the better it is. the problem is that it is now linked to religion and to terrorism.

it is a powder keg. the spark has been lighted. will it blow apart?

you take care.

Matilah_Singapura said...

Thank you. There is no need for concern. "No Worries Mate", as we say ;-)

NOthing like a good ol racial riot to get the entertainment going on the evening news.

I'm not one of those filled with spiritual pride, moral impositionist, self-righteous, "holier-than-thou" do-gooders. There is good, there is evil. If people want to take issue with that and have good and evil constantly at war - let them. Let them kill each other off, so that the human gene pool rids itself of some inferior genetic material. :-)

Let those testosterone infused Neanderthals kick the shit out of each other. And lets all enjoy the show!

redbean said...

in a way the world is supposed to be like that. constant conflict, destruction and rebuilding. we need to destroy everything to build new things.

i was told by some that the two sides have apologised to each other and all is settled. but there is this news that bloody sunday is still on.

stay with your cabernet sauvignon in front of the tv. you can broadcast it live on the internet if it does happen.

Matilah_Singapura said...

That's right. Everything has its season. That which arises, decays.

Just enjoy the show lah. It will end soon, and a new show will begin.

Cheers. I'm giving up drink next year, so got 2 weeks more to enjoy!


redbean said...

how can you give up drinking when you live beside a vineyard?

enjoy while you can.

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