nkf reserves, 4.5, 7 or 30 years

this is getting to be very exasperating. it was 3 years before the court case. during the court case it became 30 years. a week ago it was 4.5 years or 7 years. today a forumer in the straits times, cheong wing lee, worked it out to be 26 years. cheong's figure is based on an annual expenditure of $19.6 mil against an interest income of $7.8 mil from the $206 mil in reserve plus a govt grant of $4 mil. this gives an annual shortfall of $7.8 mil. $206 divide by $7.8 will give 26 years. then there is the monthly donation of $1.7 mil which gives a total of $20.4 mil a year. this alone should be more than enough for the 19.6 mil expenditure, without having to touch the $7.8 mil. assuming that nkf did not go an an expansion drive to build more facilities, the $206 mil can last forever. and the $7.8 mil interest will actually be a surplus! now which is which? can all the experts and finance people please tell us what is the correct number? the public deserves the truth. or can the newspaper get someone to do some investigative reporting and explain to the public, once and for all, what is the true number?


Elfred said...

If it's going on to build huge buildings, buy lavish cars, hire the best ka-kias to maintain them... there'd be no end to losses...

Why don't they raise funds by selling those big eye-sores and focus the fundings on the kidneys...instead of trying to maintain those sores?

redbean said...

the issue now is how much they have and how long will it last. if it is going to last 26 years or more, there is no need to jump into the charity drive trail again.

the other issue is that if it will last more than 20 years but agains reported as less, then are we seeing a rerun?

Elfred said...

Basically, they are justing anyohow guessing.

You see, medical advances comes with also unexpected economic happenings. Any forecast that goes more than 10 years is almost readily made redundant.

The point of focus has always been the mentality and attitude behind all those (allocation of resources) policies.

With such thinking issue in background, you can expect the no of years to come in variables here and there. No end, Reddie.

How in the f**k can you explain such huge expense with so many bricks and tyres to maintain compare to kidneys for the next XXX years?

It's all a big insult to intelligence! All the cronies are the kidney patients we were donating to. They use kidneys to think and Singaporeans buy it.

What is the value of brains?

Ask NKF.

redbean said...


you should take a peep at the forum in channelnewsasia on their perception on this issue.

it is very depressing if we are going to see a rerun.

Elfred said...

It seems lest we change the basic settings, the persistence of such order only guarantee more of such re-runs to come...

You see... the time is not yet ripe.

The importance is, as probably the party heads have notice, on the generations after mine which no longer see it a must for the incumbent to stay incumbent.

It is either the incumbent changes itself (which is what I have hoped for), or Singapore's gonna change the incumbent, which seems very likely in the future.

We have to be honest to this possibility. And it is still politics in the core... which only varied on the version being healthily correct or not.

redbean said...

the news that nkf needs to raise fund quickly and even asking the govt for subsidy took me by surprise. and with the numbers still being questioned, it is a sign that people are still very sceptical and are scrutinising it under the microscope.

if it goes back to the same kind of logic and reasoning, you bet people will scream. and that will be the end of nkf, forever.

elfred said...

Good man perishes in the thrive of evil... that if we cannot fight them, we join them...

If trash is what this place desire, it'd have trash, cos it's easier to be trash than to be gem.

I lament Singapore, and our future, and myself... for being stuck in here, and likely be cursed by some ignorant souls for seeking to venture out.

No normal good man would enjoy facing craps every single day. When will our champion come...? I'm getting impatient.

redbean said...

the landscape has changed. everything is different now. people changed, values changed, expectation changed, goals changed. we all changed.

the attractiveness of money never change. man's greed never change.