nkf, please explain

why do you need to have a reserve of 3 or 6 or 10 or 20 years. please explain your rationale to the donors. please also explain why profit making hospital can charge $180 per dialysis while nkf's cost is $162. forget about the old nkf's figure of $200. that everyone knows why.


abao said...

I understand the need for reserves for any organisation. The question is, how much is enough? I think a reserve of 2 to 3 years would be more than enough.

ie: if the charity has a poor donation year, they can still draw on their reserves and put in more effort towards raising money next year.

redbean said...

agree abao.

and many donors have openly said that they will donate provided the management is transparent and open to the people.

what has came out lately smacks of the old nkf thinking and becoming like them again. very happy to raise fund, very happy to keep many years of reserves, still coming out with wooly figures. and wanted to take over the govt's role as the provider of medical care. wanting to build more dialysis centres. and still taking the donors for granted.

redbean said...

gerard ee has explained that the new nkf actually charged $162 and not cost at $162. profit making clinic charged $180. so there is a profit of at least $18 for the profit making clinic.

what is the actual cost? how much did the profit making clinic make? $18, $30, $50?

is $162 the actual cost at the new nkf, ie medical, staff and operating cost all in?

Elfred said...

According to Ah Bao, he is the one donating $100 to NKF where each patient we assumed needs $1 to cater fully, and there are 101 patients... and hopefully any number of years reserves him doesn't mean in year Y, NKF receives $100 from him to cater for 101 patients, but $20 must go to the reserves... even if it means patients will pay, unnecessarily.

Is that the case?

redbean said...


don't thing abao meant that. there are some reserve, $260 mil! what abao said is that the reserves must be reasonable and when there is a shortfall, dip into the reserve but crank up for more donation next year.

i think abao and i agree that the reserve shall not be excessive.

nkf needs to hire a consultant to review its mission, policies and objectives of the organisation and the respective departments.

nkf still thinks that it is a govt agency responsible to take care of all the kidney patients, including enducation of the public on kidney diseases. and it also sees itself as a thrift society where savings for the future is a key priority.

Elfred said...

Now the problem is: What is excessive?

It's ultimately the government who should take care of the needy, including patients. We don't give NKF the mandate but merely the means to.

Now the problem is, do we see, hence curse, every Singaporean will be a kidney failure case so we should have a lot of reserve to 'be responsible for them' in the long run. Does it mean if there has been no NKF the government is going to do what some doctors did to a Malay woman... rather see her dying with kidney failure but refuse to do anything about even if they could transplant and brave the system!?

Do you get what I am driving at?

A reserve, excessive or not, has little implication by right in such public entity as charities.

Charities are supplementary to the government for the caring of citizens! Many more people need the monies in those reserves than some churches donating millions from hoarded monies. If I could only have 0.01% of those hoarded monies, I'd be free! :D

I am a needy myself! So are many others in this infamous resource-scare island! Do we have such luxurious need for reserves in charities?! Are there no needy liao?!

Elfred said...

And surprisingly, I ever receive comments saying me asking for S$15,000 is too much.

I think they should join YP and see for themselves if that's too much... :D

Asking for S$15,000 is just asking for peanuts! It's not as if I'm some richee asking more more. Hehehehe...

redbean said...

wrong elfred.

$15,000 is not peanuts. it is sesame seed.

you are no good elfred. if you are good you will be asking for peanuts. asking for sesame seeds means you have no class.

Elfred said...

Well... I am reasonable with what I need. That's all.

Hope we'd get that amt for NSS or ERS.

redbean said...

i think hsien loong has said that there will be something. only how much. but elfred, you are staying in private property. you will not get as much as the heartlanders.

let me make a guess, $300 for elfred.