nkf: one good man and one good woman

kpmg has more or less put all the blame on one man, t t durai, for his imperious way in running nkf. is that so? are the exco and board of directors all men or fools? look at the hands in the kitty! was there a big birthday party? for the innocents, it is unfair for their reputations to be ruined by the guilty. what you need is one good man to turn off the music. sadly he was not around. the one good man came in the gold tap contractor, plus one good woman, susan long.


Anonymous said...

It is not fair to put all the blames on T T Durai for the NKF fiasco unless the whole Exco, board of Directors and Mrs Peanut are "untouchable".

redbean said...

hi anonymous,

all the spotlights are on. no one can hide in the shadow. and the govt knows very well that the people wants the whole truth. any attempt to hide or wriggle away from the truth will not go unnoticed and will come out very badly.

let the justice system takes its own course and let the people's anger be appeased with a fair hearing and outcome.

not only the nkf is being judged, the whole nation is being judged.

Anonymous said...

I agree that no one should wriggle out of this one. However, the powerful and the influential will always be able to find ways to avoid being tarnished. Let us all sit back and watch who will be on the sacrificial altar and who will be shielded and protected.

redbean said...

there will be attempts to slip away. sure. but this issue is not only being watched by singaporeans. the whole world is watching. any attempts to pull wool over people's eyes will lead to a bigger hole and eventually bring down the house.

it is a case of do and you are damn. don't do also damn.

we shall watch the spectacle as it evolves.