nkf: immediate things to do

the first thing that nkf should do is to claim back all erroneous payments due to miscalculations or wrong decisions. these should include leave computations, overtime claims, payment for weekends and overtime during overseas trips, and payments for claims that were not supported or approved. and also unauthorised payment to staff. these are legitimate claims that nkf can demand from its staff. if they do not know how, i will volunteer my service for free. never mind if people laugh and say only fools work for free and good talents must be paid well.


Matilah_Singapura said...

The immediate thing to do is to disband the whole terok organisation and move to a completely private and independent enterprise.

Future medical needs are best addressed in the private market - by INSURANCE.

Free market lah. Forget all this statist, colletivist nonsense. It'll only fail... AGAIN!

redbean said...

disbanding got to be done systematically to prevent a void of services to the patients. the name has been so tarred that nothing can wash it clean anymore. it will always be associated with all the wrongdoings. keeping it will only remind people of the whole shit.

agree to change it. sorry prof khoo oon teck. it has to be changed.